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As a full−service business to business (B2B) sales solution, 4 Global Technologies provides quality and reliable Demand Generation, Creative Marketing and Customized application Development Services as a one-stop-shop for all our customers on their requirements. Our Demand Generation services include Lead Generation, Appointment setting, Contact Discovery, Database Building & Validation, Company Profiling, Email Appending, Event Recruitment and Lead Nurturing. We work directly with your sales team to build your sales pipeline, supporting your organization to focus on closing deals.

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We tackle the questions of how to generate leads for your business from many angles. Some lead generation services are equipped with good online tools and many are equipped with call centers at the ready, but it is rare to find both. we will strengthen your web presence and look for ways to boost your ranking in search engines as well as help you with social media and email marketing, but it can also offer some good old-fashioned phone calling and direct mailing when needed. A balanced approach will work well for companies of all shapes and sizes.